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About us

Movimento organises inspiring yoga holidays to India.

Saskia Grootegoed is the owner of Movimento. She is a regular contributor to the Dutch Yoga Magazine and specialised in Classical India Yoga and Yoga therapy.

“ When I attended a lecture by a yoga guru in India twenty years ago I was immediately fascinated. I thought it was marvellous how the art of movement, spirituality and an open way of looking at the world all came together in yoga.”


Back in the Netherlands Saskia to continue her studies. She studied Raja Yoga; a form of yoga that takes an in-depth look at the functioning of the human mind, as well as Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She has also specialised in yoga for back issues at the Critical Alignment Institute in Amsterdam.




Saskia return to India every year to deepen her yoga studies. She has travelled to the far corners of this fascinating country.

” When I am in India I often go and look for new yoga places and special teachers. Over the years I have met so many fascinating people. During our yoga travels I love to take people to my favourite places in India. There are many misconceptions about India, like that it is dirty and busy everywhere. Ofcourse there are many challenges but there are also so many beautiful places to see and people to meet. I could travel for years to come and learn about philosophy, art, culture and ofcourse yoga. I kind of feel like a cultural ambassador; I love to show people all the beauty that India has to offer. “

Articles by Saskia in the Dutch Yoga Magazine.